Former Judge, USA

Maria Sansalone lives in Massachusetts, with her husband and a house bunny named Aurora. They honor the memory of their son, William, by working with Griffin’s Friends Children’s Cancer Fund, promoting geoscience, supporting childhood cancer awareness, and through her stories they know he would have loved to have heard.

Life’s turns are such that Maria is working on a master’s in education with certification in special education. In 2013, after realizing how important story elements are to all our lives, Maria completed a Master of Arts in Oral Traditions from the Graduate Institute where she researched the influence of contemporary dragons.

She has been very fortunate to work as part of the editorial team for Merriam-Webster, the dictionary publishers, as an associate editor for the past 24 years. As you probably can tell, Maria loves digital literacy, storytelling, and loves working in HTML.

Besides cross-reference contributions to some of Merriam-Webster’s most important references, Maria Sansalone is traditionally published as the story editor and parent co-author of the first edition of Childhood Brain & Spinal Cord TumorsDragon Fights For Good: We Walk As One is her first self-published story. Maria’s story, “Interview with a Dragon” was shortlisted in the fourth Mash Stories Competition, and she joined the jury in the winter of 2015.