Narrator, England

As a kid, Duncan was always asked to read books aloud to the class. Not realising that he could use his voice as a professional tool, he meandered into many jobs before taking on a career as a professional narrator.

He’s managed retail stores and worked as a senior manager at the Blockbuster headquarters. When the company went under, he decided to do the one thing he was naturally good at: narration.

At the age of 49, he pushed his love of movies to the back seat and his career took a sharp turn. After training with Fenella Fudge, a Radio 2 Newsreader, at A1 VOX studios in London, he completed another voice-over course by Gravy For The Brain.

Today, Duncan lends his mesmerising voice to breathe life into characters written by the shortlisted Mash Stories writers.

Duncan lives in the (surprisingly) nice town of High Wycombe, a short train ride from London, and works as a professional voice actor from his home studio.