Founder, Switzerland

The founder of Mash Stories, S.E. SEVER, is a writer. She has had several short stories featured in various magazines across the US and the UK. One of her short stories is published The Subtopian: Selected Stories the first and her poetry book, Before Me, is published by Thought Catalog Books, New York.

S.E. describes herself as a full-time learner. She studied Archaeology and Anthropology, before gaining a diploma in Film and Digital Media, and completing an MSc in Brain Sciences at University College London. She comes from a media background. She has worked for TV channels and managed a bespoke advertising agency, ADVlondon, in England.

Mash Stories is a result of one of S.E.’s learning curves. The idea came to her when she realised how unfair the competitions market was. Writers have to pay to submit stories to competitions, and received nothing back even when they are published. S.E. concluded that writers shouldn’t even have to compete against each other; they should dig out their best work, get paid for their efforts, and receive marketing support.

S.E. is currently engaged in writing short stories, working on her first novel, Split Watch, and interacting with her readers on Twitter.