Blog Coordinator, USA

Bill has decided not to age gracefully, summing his life’s goal up with a classic quote from Doctor Who: “There’s no point in being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

Bill is an architect of buildings by day and an architect of words by night. His stories have appeared in Zombie St. Pete and Zombies Ain’t Funny: The Anthology, but not all of his stories are about zombies. A continuation of the Frankenstein myth “A Long Walk From Winter” was published in Monster Hunter: Blood Trails for Emby Press.

His series of stories featuring the detective team of Ramses II and Bernie Clayberg, a golem began with “The Wrong Side of the Rainbow” and continued in “Death Bites”, both featured in Stupefying Stories. Future installments “The Reluctant Minotaur” and “A Minor Murder” will be published in a future editions.

Varied as they are, one of his favorite successes was winning the inaugural Caldwell Vineyard Writing Contest. His short short story appears on the back label of every bottle of their 2007 vintage Rocket Science wine, which was served at the 2011 Astronaut Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Of course, a novel is in the works.

Bill’s story “The Last Perfect Word” won the seventh Mash Stories Competition. That story has been used in an English class in a Pittsburgh high school to teach Flash Fiction.

Since Mash’s inception, Bill never missed a competition, that is until we asked him to join the other side of Mash as its Blog Coordinator (or “Bloginator” in his words).

Bill lives with his wife in Madison, WI. He’d like to thank his wife and children and especially his grandsons, Nolan and Sonny, for keeping the child alive in his heart. It’s so deeply rooted now nothing could remove it.

Bill is always on the look out for new topics and new voices on the Mash Blog. Send him an email to join us!