The Mystery Drink 

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“Just drink it!” he said, thrusting the mug into my hands. He’d repeated the directive five times but he still wouldn’t tell me what it was.

“Really, Jim? Just tell me what it is! I don’t like surprises.” I pushed the mug his way but he refused to take it. I couldn’t detect any foul scent but I still didn’t trust him completely. He’d poured something into the travel mug, then put the lid on before I could see what was in it. I was supposed to trust him after that maneuver? I thrust it toward him again and he stepped back.

“Drink it, Meg. Do you think I’m going to poison you? Do you still not trust me?” Jim shook his head as he walked further away.

I realized that he was serious about not telling me what was in it. The set of his shoulders and jaw told me he wasn’t going to budge. Was this a control thing? Was it a trust issue? Was I overthinking a simple kind gesture on his behalf? Was it…

‘Stop it, Meg!’ I berated myself silently and mentally smacked myself. Overthinking. Always my issue. It made me grumpy and pensive and it was so tiring. Always thinking. Worrying. I could feel the muscles of my mouth working overtime in my lifelong frown. A frown that was deepening with each passing moment. Why couldn’t I just drink it?

Jim turned around, silently watching. I wondered what my face showed. Could he see smoke coming from my ears as the wheels in my brain worked overtime? Did he interpret the deepening frown as displeasure in him? I didn’t want to ruin this relationship as I had many others. But…couldn’t he tell I was distressed?

“Fine. I’ll tell you one thing about it. You’ll feel instant happiness. And you will like it. And if not, I’ll walk out and you won’t have to worry about me surprising you anymore.”

Jim’s words shocked me. I didn’t want to lose him over a silly drink! I raised the mug to my lips. Another quick sniff. Nothing foul and it was almost sweet. Maybe a little bitter but not in a bad way. I could do this. I could trust this man, right?



Swallow swallow swallow.


“I love this!” I felt the ends of my mouth turn up. Was that…a smile? Was I smiling now?

Jim walked over and touched the ends of my lips that were indeed upturned.

“Told you so.”

“Please tell me what this is!” I knew it sounded like begging but I didn’t care. I had to know what it was!

“It’s a simple beverage called coffee; many people on earth drink it. But based on how you look, I’m going to start calling it ‘Alien Face Converter’.” Jim’s words made me smile more as he took the mug to refill it. That was coffee? Human ways would never cease to amaze me.

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