Narrator, USA

Erin B. Lillis’ vocal career first began in day camp when she began entertaining her friends with the voice of a cartoonish moose and continued into college where she was the co-host of a short lived dorm radio show called The Monkey Farm. She revived her radio hosting hobby years later in the form of an internet only radio show called Sorosis.

After brushing off “you should do voice overs” suggestions for years she finally bought a microphone and started her professional career by doing voicemails for small companies. Later, to sharpen her narration skills she attended improv classes at the world famous Groundlings school and studied at the Kalmenson & Kalmenson voice casting courses.

Now Erin has recorded a handful of audio books, voices her own podcast (SubverCity Transmit) and is regularly hired for explainer video gigs.

Erin’s writing has appeared on the Mash Stories shortlist several times, and she also performs stories for the Mash Podcast.