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Business Trip 

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Captain Krueger approached the end of the tunnel and froze. He took two steps, stopped again, and crouched. Whoosh. He dropped, breathing deeply. A bullet sped by his head and stuck in the wall behind him.

The soldier’s instincts overtook his emotions and he rolled over. Now lying prone, he began to crawl. Whoosh. Whoosh. Two more bullets; two more slugs in the cold rock.

The soldier pulled his pistol and continued crawling. He had one mark; one mission that stood between him and a lovely, uncomfortable ride home in a cargo plane. One step closer to his family. Their lake house. His boat, Happiness. Or would it be a ride home in a box?

He checked the chamber then peeked his head over the ledge as two more bullets whizzed by. Whoosh. Whoosh.

The career soldier laid his head against the damp, stone wall and closed his eyes. He thought of his kids. Zane had had two games the day before. He thought of his wife, Kate, who told him that their son was quite the athlete, like his father. His thoughts drifted to Isa, his little angel who told him she wanted to be a hero like Daddy.

The Captain took a deep breath, dove, and pulled the trigger. Three explosions and the enemy was on the ground, blood pouring from the torso.

The mark moved. Mike reacted. Before he knew it, he was running full speed ahead. In a last ditch effort to survive, the enemy had reached for his weapon. And Krueger had reached for his hunting knife. In one swift move he kicked away the gun, mounted his man, and drove the knife into the neck.

He fell to his side breathing heavily. Immediately, his thoughts turned to EVAC. “Lower bunker clear.”

He heard the boots of his brothers. He began to search the pockets of the deceased and extracted the small digital camera from his pocket.

“In here,” he said.

“You good? That him?”


“Christ, look at the mug on this fucken’ guy. Real looker.”

The men laughed. “Jared, Kiko, with me. Everyone else, tear this place apart. Find the intel on that Goddamn converter. Four minutes. Let’s get the fuck out of this hell-hole,” said the Captain.

Krueger knelt down over the body. It was standard practice to snap pictures of the entry wounds. He thought about the inquiries he’d surely receive about the neck wound and cursed. The enemy made a move for his weapon and he reacted. Kill or be killed. Two kids crying over Daddy’s casket, or the Rules of Engagement?

He pulled aside the tribal gowns and garb and searched the torso. What he found sent chills down his wide back. A small box. A blinking light. Wires. Was it going faster? Yes, faster every second. His heart was pounding.


The men scattered as their leader threw himself on top of the body.

Happiness sailed peacefully towards the horizon.

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