Judge, UK

Jennifer Barclay graduated in English Language and Literature from Oxford University and taught English in Athens for a year before beginning her career in books as an assistant to a literary agent in Toronto. She soon moved to Westwood Creative Artists where she became a literary agent herself, representing authors such as Michael Turner, Shauna Singh Baldwin, Jack Todd, Michelle Berry, Michael Redhill and Rabindranath Maharaj, as well as assisting Bruce Westwood with his client list including Rohinton Mistry, Alberto Manguel and Naomi Klein.

After seven years at the agency she quit to travel and her next literary project was co-editing with Amy Logan a collection of literary travel-inspired tales, AWOL. She moved to France and worked as a freelance editor with literary fiction (Ian Holding’s Unfeeling) and commercial fiction (Varda Burstyn’s Water, Inc.) while drafting her own first work of literary travel memoir.

Moving back home to England, she became commissioning editor and then editorial and rights director at Summersdale Publishers, working with Karen Wheeler, Anna Nicholas, Emma Woolf, Imogen Lloyd Webber, Andrew Dilger, Steven Gauge, Tom Anderson, Paul Smith, Roger Boyes, Steve Haywood, Ben Hatch, Jamie Ivey, Caro Feely, Samantha Brick, Sarah Outen, Felicity Aston and Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent.

She now works as a freelance editor, writer and literary agent from her home office on a Greek island and is the author of several books including Meeting Mr Kim and Falling in Honey.

Jennifer joined the Mash Stories jury in the winter of 2016.