Mash Club Benefits

mash club

What is Mash Club?

Mash Club membership is the ultimate way to improve your writing. If you’re serious about your writing, you won’t want to miss out on the club benefits. It provides you with additional privileges when you submit to the Mash Competition:

  1. Priority evaluation.
  2. Receive over 800-word feedback to your 500-word stories.
  3. The chance to submit up to 3 stories per competition – normally only one submission per quarter is allowed.
  4. Receive feedback for each submitted story (Download a feedback sample here).
  5. Join the members channel to converse with your peers and the Mash staff.
  6. Get a shout out in our newsletter, Mash Weekly.

“I had written one or two short stories before I found Mash and submitted them to publications, but form rejection letters are completely unhelpful. I wanted to know what was wrong with my stories so I could get better. The ridiculously comprehensive feedback for Mash Club members has been so, so valuable to me… I would absolutely recommend the Club to anyone who wants to improve.” – Conor Yunits, 12th winner of the Mash Competition

Take advantage of our Club Benefits for only $9.99/month.

For an even better deal, take advantage of our annual membership. If you plan on Mashing every quarter, pay for the whole year for only $95.88 (that’s $7.99/month). Don’t miss the opportunity!

Annual Subscription – Discounted!

Quarterly Subscription