About Mash

about Mash

What is Mash Stories?

Mash Stories began as a writing competition, but it has grown into a platform. It developed a weekly podcast and a blog full of articles about the craft of writing and ways to navigate a writing career. We even have our most loyal submitters to advise us as Mash Ambassadors.

We want writers to come here to grow and learn from each other. That’s why Mash competition will remain free to submit and open to everyone. That’s why Mash is the anti-competition competition.

We believe writers shouldn’t think of themselves as competing against one another. They should compete against their past selves, challenge their past achievements, and keep improving.

What is a writing competition with a community soul? Aren’t competitions inherently soulless, impersonal, and frustrating?

It’s true that someone wins $100 at the end of each quarter, but ALL of our shortlisted authors are published on our website and promoted. We encourage comments, kudos, engagement, and improvement, and we even jump in and play with the words ourselves. We’re like a big family in a way. Our team mainly consists of published writers and professional editors, who volunteer to help other writers flourish.

We offer our club members detailed, constructive feedback from our panel of expert judges to help them improve their stories.

Who is behind Mash Stories?

From different continents of the world, Mash staff have been working day and night, on top of their full-time jobs, just to help Mashers find their voice and sharpen their writing skills. They’ve been doing it for the love of writing, and so they appreciate all your grateful messages, tweets and blog posts.

During the past six months, Mash has been growing exponentially. For a platform that has no financial backing, being listed as one of the Top 50 websites of 2015 or getting the 2nd place in The Webby Awards in the social media category have been unexpected achievements for all of us. All thanks to your support!

Regardless of the stage you’re at, we’ll continue offering services that will guide you throughout your writing career…just like the benefits we offer to Mash Club members.