Former Judge, Germany

Anasuya has always been a Wordsmith, forging irons of ancestor rhythms in the alchemical fires of life-lived into breathing sculptures that function as reminders of our innate divinity. Her essay, “MamaSea and Me” was part of the groundbreaking anthology, Am I the Last Virgin? published by Simon & Schuster. Both her poetry and one of her plays have been published in several anthologies. Anasuya’s One-Act and Two-Act plays have been performed in New York City and in festivals. She worked as an Editor of “City and Suburban Styles” Magazine as well as of the coffee table book of photos and poetry, Authentic Hair by Ademola Mandella.

As a Teaching Artist, Anasuya has taught the magical, restorative power of writing to students, abused children, residents of homeless shelters, and people with PTSD. She developed The LET LOVE LEAD Project to use creative writing and visual art to transmute victim into Victor for those living with HIV. The Project worked with people in New York, Kenya and South Africa.

She is currently writing a book and creating a series of paintings on the Miraculous Magnificence of the Black Madonna from Pre-Christian times until now. She currently lives in Berlin, Germany where she makes frequent pilgrimages to sacred Black Madonna sites across Europe.