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Introducing Mash Benefits 

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For the past year and a half, Mash Competition has provided over 1,000 writers with a heavenly platform where there’s nothing for sale and plenty for free. You, as a Masher, have been benefitting from:

– free submissions
– free individualized feedback
– free narration of your stories
– free mention in our newsletter
– free editorial services for articles written for the Mash Blog.

All without a single ad banner on our website. All due to our team of volunteers.

Who is behind Mash Stories?

From different continents of the world, Mash staff have been working day and night, on top of their full-time jobs, just to help Mashers find their voice and sharpen their writing skills. They’ve been doing it for the love of writing, and so they appreciate all your grateful messages, tweets and blog posts.

During the past six months, Mash has been growing exponentially. For a platform that has no financial backing, being listed as one of the Top 50 websites of 2015 or getting the 2nd place in The Webby Awards in the social media category have been unexpected achievements for all of us. All thanks to your support!

To handle the growth of the Mash community and to continue offering services that will guide you throughout your writing career, regardless of the stage you’re at, we’ll be introducing a paid option for our competition, starting from 15th July 2015.

What is Mash Club?

We call this option the Mash Club, as we’re keen to see all our regular contributors gather under one umbrella, where they meet each other on a private members’ channel on Slack, and receive many other benefits such as:

– the chance to submit up to 3 stories per quarter
– receiving constructive feedback for each submission
– joining a dedicated members’ channel on Slack
– receiving the annual Mash Anthology in e-book format for free (Volume I will be published on 15th August)
– hearing your shortlisted story narrated by professional voice actors in our podcast
– getting listed as a supporter of Mash in the Members’ Area (just like on our Team page!)

We’ll be offering all these services for an introductory fee of $7.99/month, to be paid on a quarterly basis. However, if you cannot afford to take advantage of the Club benefits, don’t worry:

Mash competition will remain free to submit and open to everyone.

As a free Masher, you’ll be able to submit one story per competition and still get a shout out in our newsletter. But unfortunately, we’ll no longer be able to offer free feedback to every submitter—simply because, with the current submission volumes, it’s not humanly possible without sacrificing the quality of our feedback. And as Mash volunteers, we’d rather offer a limited but worthy service than give away inadequate, bit-part advice.

We hope that you agree with us, and continue to support us in our goals to provide a seamless service and a unique community for writers.

Please note that: free Mashers and Club Members are measured equally when it comes to final voting. Mash Club membership doesn’t guarantee a place on the shortlist. Feel free to add any questions you’d like answered in the comments section.


How much does it cost?

$7.99/month, to be paid on a quarterly basis. This offer is valid for a limited time, during Mash Competition #8 only. We’ll revert to $9.99/month after that.

Can I win a Mash Club subscription?

Yes, every winner of a Mash Competition will get a full one-year subscription for free.

Why did you choose a subscription model, instead of a one-off fee for each service?

We don’t see ourselves as selling services. We’re simply asking you support us so that we can keep helping writers like you.

We’re real people, reading, commenting, voting on, and, when necessary, line-editing submissions. Moreover, maintaining an elegant platform like Mash, a blog full of helpful tips, and a genuine community does cost money.

If you think Mash is special and unique, and if you want to see it offering further benefits, please support us.

I’m confused. Is Mash a competition or a platform to help writers improve?

Mash has been both since the beginning. That’s why we built an amazing blog and have been providing free feedback for more than one and a half years. We want our writers to improve their writing skills. We just can’t afford to do it for free forever.

Some months, I’m a productive writer; others, I’m not. Can I cancel anytime?

Being writers and editors ourselves, we can totally relate to that. That’s why Club Members can cancel their membership any quarter, and start back whenever they wish. We charge quarterly because our competition runs on a quarterly basis.

If I become a member, can I submit the same story after I receive feedback for it and edit it accordingly?

No. Simply because the purpose of feedback is not to win the competition: it’s to help you go forward with your next story. It’s all about learning from mistakes and moving on. Trying to jump a story up the ranks is against Mash’s soul. And putting some of the Mash community at an advantage compared to others would be against Mash’s principles.

We believe writers shouldn’t think of themselves as competing against one another. They should compete against their past selves, challenge their past achievements, and keep improving.


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S.E. is the Founder of Mash Stories. She has had short stories published in fiction magazines across the US and the UK. One of her stories was included in The Subtopian: Selected Stories. Her poetry book, Before Me, is published by Thought Catalog Books, New York. She is currently working on a science fiction novel called Split Watch. You can read some of her short stories and poems at

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