About Sara Codair

Sara has been writing fiction since she was in the first grade. One of her earliest works was in a journal she was required to keep for school. It was supposed to be about real things, so her teacher was not very happy to read about a boy who put on a cape, jumped off of a garage, and flew. Now, Sara teaches writing at Northern Essex Community College. When she is not teaching or grading papers, she enjoys reading and writing Young Adult Fantasy and Flash Fiction. She is in the process of revising her novel. She recently won 2nd place in the Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest. Her fiction has appeared in or is forthcoming several online publications such as 101Fiction, Foliate Oak, Sick Lit Magazine, Fantasy Crossing and Mash Stories. You can find her online at saracodair.com


Confessions of a Feedback Junkie

Feedback. We all need it to become better writers, but the task of getting it can be daunting. Who do you ask? Friends? Family? Other writers? It’s terrifying to let someone look at a work you’ve poured your heart and soul into with the expectation that they’re going to point out flaws, but it can also be an addicting need for validation. If, like me, you’ve lived as fiction characters in alternate… Read More

Sew Your Story

That story draft seems all over the place—so many threads to tie together, but how? Sound familiar? As an adjunct instructor and a writing tutor, one issue I see my students struggle with is focus, and I’ve found that sewing is the best solution for it. Sewing? Yes! Stitching, embroidering, darning—any way to apply a metaphorical needle and thread to your writing to make it finally “come together” in a beautiful tapestry…. Read More

Above the Influence

Now, I see zombies all the time. They wash their hair before putting on clean clothes and strong perfume. They appear human, but I see through their illusions. They walk around with their heads down and their hands outstretched, oblivious to the world around them.