About Michael Mohr

Michael Mohr is a published writer, a former literary agent’s assistant, and a freelance book editor. His fiction and nonfiction can be found at the following: Fiction Magazines, Alfie Dog Press, Tincture, MacGuffin, Aaduna, Mountain Tales Press, Milvia Street Art & Literary Journal, Flash: The International Short Short Story Magazine; and more. He has been a guest blogger on the Kimberley Cameron & Associates [literary agency] website and on Writer’s Digest. He writes a weekly Friday blog about writing, editing and publishing.


Understanding Literary Rejection

It is easy to mistake literary rejection for bad writing. Don’t. The truth is, we all go through rejection. Everyone from David Sedaris to J.K. Rowling to Gillian Flynn to John Green has at one time experienced, usually for long periods of time, the brutal, condescending, harsh crush of that word, “unfortunately.” Externally, these rejections, these emotionally perceived I’m-not-good-enoughs, arrive in the impolite shape of form letters. “Dear sir, thank you so… Read More