About Madeleine Ritzker

Madeleine Ritzker is a Canadian-German living in the UK who wishes she was as well-travelled as she sounds. She has studied creative writing, history and English lit at university and one day hopes to combine the three in some sort of earth-shattering way, but for now she is quite happy to write the odd story in the hopes of reaching an audience wider than that of her two highly critical dogs.
Submission History:

Submissions: 2
Shortlisted: 1
Won: 0
Second Best: 0
Third Best: 0



He does push-ups every hour. Four reps of 25. I’m not sure if that’s impressive or not. I’m not sure if he’s trying to impress me.
“I’ve got a Mustang,” he says. “’82. 3.3 inline 6 cylinder. GT. My brother has it. For now.”

Cupid is not a URL

She freed the top two buttons on her shirt and pulled a necklace out of her handbag. The mirror told her that her roots were dangerously creeping in on the verge between sexy and stripy.


She could fly through Name,Date of Birth, Address. Email and Daytime Telephone were child’s play, Emergency Contact was a breeze. But as soon as she hit Occupation the pen hovered above the page. To write N/A would be too easy. And it wasn’t true.