About Louis Gallo

Louis Gallo’s work has appeared in a wide range of literary magazines and reviews including Southern Literary Review, Greensboro Review, and Glimmer Train. He has published two chapbooks, The Truth Changes and The Abomination of Fascination. Gallo is the founding editor of the now defunct journals, The Barataria Review and Books: A New Orleans Review. He teaches at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.
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“I thought I was ugly,” I laugh. “You look like a villain,” she says, squeezing me tighter, robustly. “From when you stole our chandelier from that old lady’s house, right?”

Never Start or End a Story With a Dream

She huffs away as you approach from behind and slide softly beside me and I’m overjoyed to see you and smile a big one and you lean against my shoulder, and we hook into each other’s eyes and can’t stop smiling.