About Kevin Cheeseman

Kevin Cheeseman has recently retired from a career in clinical research and is exploring more creative ways to spend his time, including writing and playing music. He has a PhD in biochemistry and loves football and international travel. He lives with his wife in Ilfracombe, UK.
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Happiness is in Your Genes

‘No. I mean that.’ He pointed at the mug on Eva’s desk. It bore the cheery message “Happiness Is…In Your Genes!”

Cuckold's Revenge

‘Jealousy makes you do bad things,’ said Dave. ‘That’s what makes it one of the seven deadly sins.’ They were drinking coffee in Nigel’s kitchen, sitting awkwardly either side of the space where the table used to be. ‘That so-called artist stole my wife,’ said Nigel, ‘Am I supposed to do nothing? I walked in on them …’ He faltered, struggling to say the words.

Community Service

The apple hit Jack’s head with such force that he fell backwards on the grass verge, dropping his litter-picker and plastic sack. Jeers came from the car’s open windows as it sped away. Jack threw his gloves down on the grass verge, and wiped juice from his face with the sleeve of his shirt. He was picking bits of apple from his hair when Frank caught up with him.