About Conor Yunits

Conor Yunits spends most of his time writing op-eds, statements and speeches for other people. He once wrote a political blog that was hailed as "a new model for election blogging" by the Washington Examiner, profiled by WBUR and WGBH in Boston, and praised by The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Hartford Courant and The Washington Post. He tweets @conoryunits, probably too much.



“I’ve done it!” In his hand he clutched a small black box, with a large conical microphone on one end and a wire connected to a small speaker on the other. On top was a solitary bulb, which glowed red, as if indicating a recording was in progress.

The Coupon

The coupon slid out from a mauled manila folder. Daniel examined it with only passing attention, just as he had the dozens of old receipts, crumpled sticky notes, and expired train passes that had been unearthed during his forced evacuation.

Why We Hide Under Desks

I don’t know why we hide under desks. Maybe the teachers know, but they haven’t explained very well. My older brother Jake says the drills at school are stupid. He says nothing will keep us safe.