About Bill Bibo

Bill lives with his wife in Madison, WI. Late at night he writes about intelligent mummies, incompetent zombies, and other things that scare him in the hope that someday they no longer will. He'd like to thank his wife and children and especially his grandsons, Nolan and Sonny, for keeping the child alive in his heart. It's so deeply rooted now nothing could remove it. @bbibojr
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The Pizza of Dorian Gray

Friday night. The sky is prematurely dark, layered by thick clouds heavy with moisture and menace. Thunder cracks. The lights over a parking lot blink from the electrical charge in the air as two silver minivans stop in front of The Pizza Libertine. Doors slide open. Twelve uniformed adults run for the front awning as the clouds let loose their watery torment. Safe for the moment, Jim asks, “Are you sure this… Read More

Getting to Know Our 9th Winner, Suzanna Challenger

Mash’s 9th Competition Winner, Suzanna Challenger, said that winning came as a complete surprise. We disagree. If you haven’t yet read Airlocks, go do it right now. We’ll wait here until you get back. Done? See, we told you. Pretty great, right? Here Bill Bibo, the Mash Blog Coordinator, talks with her about writing, her influences, and the “dark playground”.   Bill Bibo: Congratulations on winning the 9th competition of Mash Stories…. Read More

The Mash Blog Wants YOU!

How many of you remember the Peter Principle? Show of hands, please. Just as I thought. I am really, really old. For those of you who don’t know the term it was first presented in 1968 by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in his book of the same name. He summarized it as an “observation that in an organizational hierarchy, every employee will rise or get promoted to his or her level of… Read More

The Ultimate Point of View: Looking at Life from an Alien Perspective

Paul Hawkins is a freelance comedy writer originating from England, now living in Berlin. He has published four books; the most current is How to Operate a Human: A User’s Manual, available as an eBook from Amazon.   Bill Bibo: Welcome to Mash Stories. You’ve said that a lot of the writing you do is kind of from an alien perspective, talking about humans as an alien might. You have a lot… Read More

Storytelling Through the Lens of Camera Two

An interview with Joseph Alberti: Part Two Bill Bibo, Jr reconnects with Joseph Alberti for more discussion on Film and Storytelling. If you missed it, you can find Part One here. Bill Bibo, Jr: When I was preparing for this interview I found a website for Robber Baron Productions. You were one of the founders of the video production company that seemed to specialize in the horror genre. In fact on the… Read More

Storytelling Through the Lens of Camera One

An interview with Joseph Alberti: Part One Joseph Alberti was the Tutor of SE Sever, the founder of Mash Stories. He lives in London and teaches Professional Film Practice at the London South Bank University, alongside working as a professional film producer. When SE Sever asked if I would conduct an interview with Joseph Alberti, a man she described as her former teacher, then her boss, and now her mentor, I immediately… Read More

How to Become a Full-time Writer in Three Easy Steps

As every writer struggling to be heard today knows, just being good at your craft is no longer enough. If you want to achieve that ultimate goal, making a living solely from your writing, you have to know the business side as well. And the better you know it, the better you’ll do. Mash Stories was fortunate to be able to talk with Adam Fletcher, author of the bestselling books, “How To… Read More

The Last Perfect Word

Let’s face facts. Writers, journalists, poets – they all like their readers to think they come up with every word on their own. For the most part they do. But every now and then one gets stuck. That’s when they come to me.

The Invasion of Summerview Lane

Lather, rinse, repeat. The directions always seemed excessive to Beth but today she used it as an excuse to linger in the shower under a steady stream of hot water. One by one the day’s problems melted from her shoulders, slipped down her back, and disappeared down the drain.

My Big Fat Mythological Greek Wedding

After a long day of turning various monsters, villains, demi-gods to stone, all Perseus wanted was to remove his sandals, sit back, and maybe sneak in a nap before dinner.

“That was some good flying today,” he said, patting Pegasus on the nose. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Begin The Countdown

I stand off to one side while the others busy themselves in preparations. One narrow window points out of the concrete bunker toward the launch site. The rocket stands strong, ready to show the world the prowess of our science. This launch is but a first step to sending a man to the stars and a small mongrel dog is the first to take it. “10, 9…” I took Laika home with… Read More

Six easy steps to earning massive quantities of respect, love, and money through comedy (or your sanity back)

Of all the genres, comedy is probably the most difficult to write, especially upon command. It is the most subjective. People laugh at different things. Some like silly, some like subtle, some don’t like to laugh at all. Some people think certain places and things are inherently funny. Neil Simon writes in The Sunshine Boys, “Words with a k in it [sic] are funny. Alka-Seltzer is funny. Chicken is funny. Pickle is… Read More