About AudreyKalman

Audrey Kalman has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen. She published the novel "Dance of Souls" in 2011 and has had more than ten short stories published in print and online journals. Her novel "What Remains Unsaid" will be published by Sand Hill Review Press in 2016. She edited two volumes of Fault Zone, an annual anthology of California writers, and is at work on another novel. Find out more at www.audreykalman.com.


The Appointed Time and Place

Lara forced her eyes to the page. Accessory navicular syndrome. The precise descriptions made anomalies seem manageable. The words became a converter to transform life’s chaos.

So She Says

She says she’s having a baby.
Strange, given her age.
Stranger still, she says it’s my baby.
Not possible, I say. But I’m not sure I mind. So, what are you planning to do about it?

If Only You Weren’t So

Her husband’s hackles settled an inch or two and the air around him lost a few amperes of electricity. His graying hair, flirting with his collar, seemed to relax as well. “What I said was: they need us to sign some paperwork before they let him come home.”