About Ann Lamparski

Ann is an online English tutor from Lansing, Illinois. She writes to keep her sanity intact during the frigid winter months. Like other writers, she hopes one day to write the "Great American Novel". Until then, she will continue to write short stories. Besides writing fiction, she also enjoys cooking, camping, and cycling. Her work has appeared in Mash Stories, Inner Sins, Wild Violet Literary Magazine, and Nite-Writer’s International Literary Arts Journal. She received a writing prize from Writersweekly.com. http://anlamparski.wix.com/shortstory
Submission History:

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Sunrise, Sunset

He took her hand, caressing her smooth skin, asking her why she was so beautiful. His gaze stayed on her mouth as she spoke of her grandmother’s journey from Kyoto to the US long ago


The smell of the funeral reception staple stung Betty’s nose like cheap perfume. Aunt Hilda made a giant bowl for Betty’s wedding day forty-seven years prior. “He’s a carpenter,” chirped her mother, putting the final strawberries on the cake she was preparing for the first meeting. “Marry him and you’ll be set.”

Blushing Bride

The buttons caught the morning light like a vertical sunrise. Her left hand circled each one before releasing them from the white, pale cloth. Her sisters had been there to assist her months ago. She nearly sprained her ankle trying to step into the damn thing; not the fashion statement she wanted to make